ID LOCK 1000

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ID LOCK 1000 offers high security with RFID tech like MIFARE® Classic, Ultralight, DESFire EV2 & NTAG. Its ergonomic design and multiple access levels make it easy to use and maintain.

The battery warning signals a low level with a flashing red LED light. Simple battery replacement ensures uninterrupted operation. A range of features and settings allows for customizing user experience..



Dimensions: 43.3 mm diameter

Installation dimensions: 16 mm × 19 mm

Closing cycles: 3.000

Transom type: B

Battery: CR2450 (1×)

Lock mounting: M19 nut (1×)

Dynamic current: <120 mA


  • Housing: Plastic casing
  • Front flap: Plastic
  • Bolt: Steel

Closing direction: Left (90°)


  • Private mode (max. 2 user cards)
  • Multiuser mode

Max. Door thickness: 22 mm