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Mobile GUN C9 €2.106,00
Tablet C9 €1.226,00
Mobile C9 €1.077,00
AT907 €1.245,00
AT388 €595,00
AT188N Plus €455,00
CS200e €669,00
DC 2300 €959,00
DTC 1500 €1.199,00
DC 7600 €3.155,00
OCS PRO €130,80
OCS SMART €157,20
OTS BASIC €116,40
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Since 2003, RFID Europe has been at the forefront of RFID technology. We have an impressive offering ranging from advanced reader/writers and perfectly matched media/transponders to best-in-class barcoding tools and NFC tracking solutions. Our team of more than 20 experts ensures that we are not simply vendors, but position ourselves as trusted RFID consultants and innovators.

Let's navigate the evolving landscape of RFID technology together.