ID INFO 3000

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  • Ideal for securing turnstiles & interior/exterior doors.
  • Suitable for check in & check out
  • MIFARE RFID reader (13.56 MHz, compatible with NFC)
  • 4″ color LCD display
  • Visual user feedback via personalizable information display
  • Ethernet & Internal relay to control doors, turnstiles, … etc.
  • Integrated barcode/QR reader in wall/tablemount
  • Estimated delivery time 3 weeks

Product details

The iDTRONIC ID INFO 3000 represents a forward-thinking solution in the field of Access Control and time recording systems. This advanced touch terminal is characterized by its backlit display and is excellently suited for use in various leisure facilities, including gyms, swimming pools, and spas. However, it is not limited to leisure facilities; companies can also use the terminal effectively for time tracking of their employees.

A special feature of the iDTRONIC ID INFO 3000 is the contactless identification using RFID technology. Users can easily and comfortably log in at the terminal with various RFID media, including bracelets, cards, and key fobs. This flexibility makes the system particularly user-friendly and versatile.

The terminal's user interface, displayed on a 4-inch color LCD screen, is customizable via a web interface. Companies have the option to integrate a background image or their logo, contributing to brand enhancement. Additionally, the system can display personalized greetings and messages based on user identification (UID), making interactions more engaging.

In addition to visual user guidance, the iDTRONIC ID INFO 3000 features an integrated buzzer that provides audible feedback. This increases usability, especially in noisy environments where visual signals might be overlooked.

Additional technical features of the iDTRONIC ID INFO 3000 include an Ethernet interface for reliable network connectivity and four LEDs for attractive side backlighting. Additionally, an output relay allows for the control of doors, turnstiles, and similar facilities, making the terminal a comprehensive solution for access control systems.

Overall, the iDTRONIC ID INFO 3000 presents a flexible, user-friendly, and visually appealing solution for modern access control and time recording requirements. Its adaptability and easy integration into existing systems make it an ideal choice for companies looking to modernize their security and time recording processes.

Rated voltage9…23 VDc
Current consumptionmax. 340 mA
CPUi.MX6 Family, based on ARM Cortex-A9 processors: iMX6ULL up to 528 MHz clock
RAM56 MB DDR3L onboard
Flash memory8GB eMMC soldered on board, expandable with internal Micro SD
Display/resolutionTFT 4″ color LCD display / 720×720 pixels
NetworksEthernet interface 10/100
  • TTL serial + power supply for connection of external devices
  • 2x USB 2.0 + 223 TTL from Desbug
Input / Output
  • 1 Digital input optoisolate
  • 1 Output (Relay NC NO C)
LED signals4 LEDs for side backlight, separately controlled LEDs on RFID antennas
Dimensions149x 129x39mm (or 149x 120x94mm with base)
Material/WeightPVC / 225g (or 300g with base)