RFID Rectangular Label

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1.000 Labels per Roll

  • Estimated delivery time 3 weeks

Product details

Looking for high-quality adhesive labels that cater to your diverse needs? Look no further! Our adhesive labels come in a roll of 1000 pieces, offering you an ample supply for various projects.


  • Logo and Barcode Printing: Add your logo and barcodes to streamline inventory management and enhance brand recognition.
  • Serial Numbering: Keep track of individual items effortlessly with unique serial numbers.
  • On or Off Metal Version: Choose between on-metal and off-metal versions, ensuring compatibility with different surfaces.
  • Inject Printed Number: For added durability and clarity, opt for inject printed numbers.
  • 4C Offset Printing 1 Side per Layout: Enjoy vibrant, high-resolution printing with our 4C offset printing, perfect for showcasing your brand.

Whether you're in retail, manufacturing, logistics, or any other industry, our adhesive labels are designed to meet your needs with precision and reliability. Enhance efficiency, streamline processes, and elevate your brand with our customizable adhesive labels today!