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The PICO Plus uses advanced polymer materials to create a compact and durable on-metal RFID tag that is ideal for industrial settings where quick and accurate identification of assets is crucial.

This IP68-rated tag delivers impressive read distances and can be easily secured to various objects such as tools, machinery, and medical devices.


User memory versionX3110-US101-H3 (US)
X3110-EU101-H3 (EU)
Frequency902-928 MHz (US)
865-868 MHz (EU)
IC typeAlien Higgs 3
Chip memory64 bits TID

96/480 bits EPC

512 bits user memory
Read range on metal(fixed)Up to 3 m
Read range off metal (fixed)Limited
MaterialIndustry grade polymer
Mounting systems Industrial adhesive
Operational temperature-40°C to +85°C
Storage temperature-40°C to +150°C
Compression strength174 psi (1,200 kPa)
IP ratingIP68
Dimensions17.70x 10.90 x 5 mm
Weight2 g