PCB Tag 33x10

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The IDTRONIC PCB Tags represent the pinnacle of RFID technology, developed to support a wide range of applications across various industries. Available in a variety of sizes, with different chip options and adapted to diverse operating temperatures, these tags offer a flexible and reliable solution for your tracking and identification needs.

High-quality materials for optimal performance

Manufactured from robust and durable materials, the IDTRONIC PCB Tags ensure long-term performance under various environmental conditions. Whether in logistics, retail, manufacturing, or asset management, these tags provide excellent readability and reliability.

Adaptability through various sizes and chips

Available in a range of sizes, the IDTRONIC PCB Tags can accommodate small to large objects, featuring integrated chips with various memory options and security features. The flexibility in chip selection allows the tags to be specifically tailored to the requirements of your projects, from simple identification processes to complex tracking systems.

Optimal performance at any operating temperature

The IDTRONIC PCB Tags are designed for use in various environments and can operate within a range of temperatures, depending on the model. This flexibility ensures that the tags function in extremely cold or hot conditions, without losing reliability or efficiency.

RFID ProtocolEPC Class1 Gen2, ISO18000-6C
FrequencyUS (902-928MHz), EU (865-868MHz)
IC typeNXP Ucode-8
MemoryEPC 128 bits, User 0 bits, TID 96 bits
Write Cycles100,000 times
Data Retention50 Years
Applicable SurfaceMetal Surfaces
Read Range (Fix Reader)Up to 3.4m, US (902-928MHz), On metal (depends on reader)
Up to 3.8m, EU (865-868MHz), On metal (depends on reader)
Read Range (Handheld Reader)Up to 2.35m, US (902-928MHz), On metal (depends on reader)
Up to 1.8m, EU (865-868MHz), On metal (depends on reader)
Size33.0x10.0mm, (Hole: D3.0mm)
Mounting MethodsAdhesive, Screw / (Optional) 3M 9474LE/ 9495LE
IP RatingIP68
Storage Temperature-40°С to +150°С
Operating Temperature-40°С to +100°С
CertificationsReach Approved, RoHS Approved, CE Approved