MICRO Autoclavable

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Product details

The Xerafy MICRO Autoclave is a resilient RFID tag specifically designed to endure the demanding environment of sterile processing in healthcare.

Its IP69K rating and superior polymer construction stand up to rigorous chemical cleansers and autoclave cycles at extreme temperatures.

User memory versionX1130-US140-H9 (US)
X1130-EU140-H9 (EU)
Frequency902-928 MHz (US)
865-868 MHz (EU)
IC typeAlien Higgs 9
Chip memory96 bits TID

48 bits EPC

688 bits user memory
Read range on metal(fixed)Up to 10 m
Read range off metal (fixed)Limited
MaterialIndustry grade polymer
316L Stainless steel
Mounting systemsPop rivets M3, Screws M3
Operational temperature-40°C to +85°C
Storage temperature-40°C to +150°C
Compression strength181 psi (1,250 kPa)
IP ratingIP69K
Dimensions55x 36.20 x 7.50 mm
Weight26 g