ID LOCK 3000

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Experience a strong, stable construction with the ID LOCK 3000 electronic lock and knob, secured with an Allen key. Or, open the lock manually with the knob! This lock is twice the durability of most with 30,000 cycle battery life.

The perfect fit for wooden and metal doors 16-22mm thick, experience this awesome lock indoors! Check the terminal for RealTimeClock automated openings, battery level, and locker number. Impressive!


  • Corpus: 98 x 66 mm
  • Knob: Ø 39 mm / depth: 19,74 mm


  • Knob: Plastic and Zamak
  • Housing: Zamak

Battery type: 4 x AA

Closing cycles per battery: approx. 30,000 closing cycles

Current consumption: <180 mA

Lock mounting

  • Metal: M19 nut
  • Wood: Euro screws

Door thickness;

  • Metal: 1,5 mm
  • Wood: 16 / 19 / 21 mm

Operating temperature: -5°C up to +40°C


  • Private mode
  • Multi User
  • Integrated RTC (Real-Time Clock)


  • Hitag S (LF, 125 kHz)
  • MIFARE® Classic (HF, 13,56 MHz)
  • MIFARE® DESFire (HF, 13,56 MHz)