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Our standard colors
Pantone 361 C Pantone 102 C Pantone 021 C Pantone 485 C Pantone 1915 C Pantone 2592 C
Pantone 304 C Pantone 284 C Pantone 286 C Black Pantone 11 C White

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Color: Black
Chip options: Fudan F08
  • Estimated delivery time 3 weeks

Product details

Discover our Silicone RFID Wristband, crafted from organic silicone, featuring personalized logo printing/engraving and resistant to water, moisture, shock, and temperature. 5 standard colors; custom also available from 1000pcs. Perfect for gyms, pools, spas, playgrounds and health centers.

Dimensions (circumference): 255mm x 33,5mm x 7mm

Operating temperature: -25 up to 220 °C

Material: Silicone

Protection class: IP68 (suitable for sauna and swimming pool)

Chip options:

LF (125 kHz ICs):

  1. EM 4200
  2. NXP Hitag 1

HF (13.56 MHz ICs)

  1. NXP MIFARE Ultralight®EV1
  2. NXP MIFARE® Classic 1K EV1 4byte
  3. IDT M1K - Fudan F08

Further chip types on request.

Optional personalization