Ceramic Tag D10

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Discover the high-quality IDTRONIC Ceramic Tags, specifically developed for use in demanding environments. Our Ceramic Tags offer exceptional durability and performance, even under extreme conditions. Available in various sizes, chip options, and operating temperature ranges, they are the ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

Versatile Sizes and Customization Options

The IDTRONIC Ceramic Tags are available in a range of sizes to ensure flexible integration into different systems and applications. From small tags, perfect for tight or confined spaces, to larger variants for enhanced range and visibility, we provide a solution that meets your specific requirements.

Powerful Chips for Optimal Performance

The IDTRONIC Ceramic Tags are available with a variety of chips, ensuring optimal performance for your specific applications. Whether you need high storage capacity, advanced security features, or improved reading range, our tags offer the flexibility and performance you require.

Operating Temperature Ranges for Extreme Environments

Designed for use in a variety of environments, the IDTRONIC Ceramic Tags support operating temperatures ranging from cool to extremely hot conditions. This makes them ideal for applications where temperature resistance is essential, from industrial processes to outdoor applications.

Applications of IDTRONIC Ceramic Tags

Our Ceramic Tags are excellently suited for a variety of applications, including:

  • Asset tracking in industry and production.
  • Access control and security management.
  • Logistics and warehouse management.
  • Tracking of tools and equipment in harsh environments.

RFID ProtocolEPC Class1 Gen2, ISO18000-6C
FrequencyUS (902-928MHZ), EU (866-868MHZ)
IC typeAlien Higgs-3
MemoryEPC 96 bits, USER 512 bits, TID 64 bits
Write Cycles100,000 times
Data Retention50 Years
Applicable SurfaceMetal Surfaces
Read Range (Fix Reader)Up to 1.3m, US (902-928MHZ), On metal (depends on reader)
Up to 1.0m, EU (866-868MHZ), On metal (depends on reader)
Read Range (Handheld Reader)Up to 0.8m, US (902-928MHZ), On metal (depends on reader)
Up to 0.6m, EU (866-868MHZ), On metal (depends on reader)
SizeD:10.0mm (Diameter)
Mounting MethodsAdhesive / (Optional) 3M 9474LE/ 9495LE
IP RatingIP68
Storage Temperature-40°C to +150°C
Operating Temperature-40°C to +100°C
CertificationsReach Approved, RoHS Approved, CE Approved