Cargo Outdoor

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Product details

User memory versionX03A3-US100-M750 (US)
X03A3-EU100-M750 (EU)
Frequency902-928 MHz (US)
865-868 MHz (EU)
IC typeImpinj M750
Chip memory96 bits TID

96 bits EPC

32 bits user memory
Read range on metal (fixed)Up to 12 m
Read range off metal (fixed)Up to 6 m
MaterialIndustry-grade polymer
Stainless steel
Mounting systemsRivets M3, Screws M3,

Zip ties, Cable ties,

Industrial adhesive (optional)
Operating temperature-40°C to +85°C
Storage temperature-40°C to +85°C
Compression strength29 psi (200 kPa)
IP ratingIP68
Dimensions100 x 26 x 8.90 mm
Weight17.80 g