Developer Kit M900

Developer Kit M900

Developer Kit M900


RFID UHF Developer Kit M900 with all necessary Hardware and Software Components.

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The RFID UHF Developer Kit M900 is intended for new RFID users. This kit contains all other necessary hardware and software for an easy introduction to the integration of RFID.

The UHF development kit includes one of our modern embedded RFID modules with TTL or RS232 interface, a Plug and Play USB test board, a selection of different RFID antennas, all required connection cables as well as test UHF tags and a USB stick with complete technical documentation and software development kit.

The SDK offers all important functions and code examples for C#, C++ and a serial command protocol. With the included demo software for Windows systems many settings and test methods can be done.

iDTRONIC’s RFID UHF Developer Kit M900 is a valuable resource for first-time RFID users and system integrators looking for an easy implementation and integration of their RFID project.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg

Technical Data

 UHF: 840 – 960 MHz
Antenna  Contains a variety of Antennas
Interfaces-Ports  TTL or RS232 Interface
 Latest Generation of UHF Modules
 Contains complete Hard- and Software
 Contains a variety of Tags
 Plug & Play Testboard
 ETSI & FCC Versions

Application Areas

Lagerwirtschaft Warehousing
Handel Retail
SCM Logistics
Zutrittskontrolle Access Control
Industrial Automation
Production Control


Packaging Content

  • 1 × M900 Module TTL
  • 1 × USB Base Plate
  • 1 × USB Cable
  • 1 × UFL ► SMA Converter (10 cm Cable)
  • 1 × Antenna Cable SMA/SMA (3 m)
  • 5 × Antennas (10 cm Cable with SMA Connector)
  • 1 × OEM-UHF-A901-GP-SMA
  • 1 × OEM-UHF-A902-GP-SMA
  • 1 × OEM-UHF-A903-GP-SMA
  • 1 × OEM-UHF-A904-GP-SMA
  • 1 × R-IN-UHF-9021U
  • 1 × Sample Tag Package
  • 1 × SDK USB Stick


  UHF Developer Kit M900 Datasheet
  UHF Developer Kit M900 SDK


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