RFID Special Tag:
ABS Disctag


– RFID Special Tag
– 30 mm ABS Disctag
– Package: 50 € / 10 Units
– Ultra-thin high performance Tag
– I-Code SLI or EM4200
– IP68 Protection Class


Versatile, ultra-thin high-performance RFID Special Tag for demanding industrial, manufacturing and commercial applications.

RFID Special Tag: ABS Disctag made of ABS synthetic are very robust and have been designed for a rough environment.

The RFID Special Tag: ABS Disctag can operate in environmental temperature conditions from -40 °C to +75 °C.

Very suitable for warehouse, production or logistics applications.

Available Versions and Configurations:

  • HF | NFC (13.56 MHz) or LF (125 kHz)

Supported Transponders and Tags:

  • The HF | NFC Version supports ISO 14443A and ISO 15693.

  • The LF Version supports EM 4100/4200, EM 4450/4550, Atmel Temic 5567, NXP Hitag 1, NXP Hitag 2.

The RFID Special Tags can be ordered from 10 units.
> 10 Units = 50 €

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg

Technical Data

RFID  HF/NFC: 13.56 MHz or LF: 125 kHz
IP_Class_icon_blue  IP68 Protection Class
Lesereichweite-blue  Dimensions: ∅ 30 × 2.1 mm
temperature  -40 °C to +75 °C

Application Areas

Industrielle-Automation  Industrial Automation
Container-Mgmt  Container Tracking
Produktionssteuerung  Production Control
Handel  Retail


pdf_download_icon   ABS Disctag Datasheet



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