RFID Wall Reader ID Access 1000 | 1500


– RFID HF: 13.56 MHz
– Read & Write or Read Only
– Reading Range: up to 7 cm
– Integrated Antenna
– USB 2.0 Interface


Available Versions:

  • Read & Write – VCP (TCP/IP)
  • Read & Write – VCP (RS485)
  • Read Only – HID (TCP/IP)

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Modern RFID Wall Reader ID Access 1000 | 1500 with integrated 13.56 MHz RFID HF Frequency, integrated antenna and keyboard emulation. Thanks to the integrated relay, doors, turnstiles and barriers can be conveniently controlled, e.g. in the area of access controls, once identification has been carried out. The RFID Wall Reader can be easily integrated into existing systems via TCP/IP or RS485 interface. Available as Read and Write (VCP) or Read Only (HID) version. It achieves reading ranges of up to 7 cm.

Available Versions and Configurations:

  • Read & Write (TCP/IP or RS485)
  • Read Only (TCP/IP)

Read & Write ( = VCP)

VCP Mode = Virtual COM Port
(Full read and write access)

The VC mode offers fully read / write access to all supported transponder types. The device can be operated via demo software, sample source codes, and a USB driver on Windows OS. Other operating systems are supported via a serial command protocol and a virtual COM Port interface based on a SiliconLabs chipset. It is designed for Industry 4.0 applications and may be easily integrated into any operating system.

Read Only ( = HID)

HID Modus = Keyboard Emulation
(Read Only)

With the HID mode, users may retrieve data from the transponders as keyboard emulation. The output may be set to various formats. The reader can read out serial numbers, along with information from user memory, as HEX or ASCII output format. The configuration may be done via a configuration tool which is compatible with Windows OS. The HID mode is perfectly suited for web applications in heterogeneous IT cloud environments.

The RFID Wall Reader ID Access 1000 | 1500 will be delivered with an SDK, Demo Software and Quickstartguide.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg

Technical Data

 RFID HF: 13.56 MHz
Interfaces-Ports  Ethernet TCP/IP or RS485 Interface
Antenna  Integrated Antenna
 Software Development Kit incl. Demo Software
 IP54 Protection Class
 Relay C-NC-NO
 Read & Write or Read Only

Application Areas

Zutrittskontrolle Access Control
Vehicle Identification (AVI)

Delivery Content

  • RFID Wall Reader ID Access 1000 | 1500


  Wall Reader ID Access Datasheet
  Wall Reader ID Access SDK
  Wall Reader ID Access Quickstartguide



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