RFID Desktop Reader NEO 2 HF

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– RFID HF Reader
– USB 2.0 Interface
– LED Signal & Buzzer
– HID + VCP Modus or PC/SC
– Plug-and-Play Support


Available Versions:

  • USB (VCP + HID)
  • USB (PC/SC)
  • HF+LF: USB (VCP + HID)

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► RFID Desktop Reader NEO 2 HF with HID + VCP for IoT Areas

The RFID Desktop Reader NEO 2 HF is a modern and compact plug-and-play RFID reader with USB 2.0 interface. The USB RFID Reader is the perfect RFID reader for the latest enterprise IoT applications and is ideal for a wide range of applications in retail, telecommunications, banking or healthcare. 

► Adjustable data output with HID or VCP

This new versatile RFID reader supports two modes of operation via USB: a virtual COM port (VCP) or a human interface device (HID).

The VCP mode has full read and write access. The RFID Desktop Reader NEO 2 HF is designed for IoT applications and can be easily integrated into any operating system.

The HID mode is a keyboard emulation mode. In addition to different UID (serial number) formats, the RFID reader can also be set to read different parts of the user’s memory. The HID mode is great for web applications in heterogeneous IT cloud environments.

The integrated buzzer + LED signal indicate successful tag communication.

► Optional with PC/SC interface

We additionally offer an interface with PC/SC (= Personal Computer/Smart Card). 

The PC/SC interface is a flexible connection between a smart card reader and the computer. PC/SC is derived from the terms “Personal Computer” and “Smart Card”. Possible smart cards are customer cards, employee ID cards, health insurance cards, NFC-based EC or credit cards. Due to the integrated PC/SC function, the RFID reader validly reads all stored data on the chip of the card. y/p>


  • Can be integrated into any operating system (platform and manufacturer independent).
  • Traceability of document changes
  • Secures authentication against unauthorized access
  • Protects viewing and editing of confidential documents

► Supported RFID transponders & RFID tags

The RFID HF Reader supports the ISO standard ISO/IEC 14443A/B, ISO 15693 and ISO 18000-3M3. It reads RFID transponders and RFID tags with MIFARE® Classic, MIFARE® DESFire, NTAG, EMxxxx and I-Code ILT-M chip. 

The reading range is up to 3 cm – depending on tag orientation and transponder type. 

It is delivered with a software development kit (configuration software) for Windows systems. This supports the programming languages: Binary Command Protocol, VS2005 C++ Library. The SDK simplifies with help the connection to your existing systems. 

► Anwendungsgebiete

pos Point of Sales (POS)
point of care Point of Care (POC)
zutrittskontrolle Single Sign On (SSO)
Dokumenten-Management Document Management

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