RFID Datacollector
HF + 2D Barcode


– 2D Barcode Reader
– USB 2.0 Interface
– Bluetooth with Real-Time Data Transfer
– Reading Range: up to 4 cm
– IP54 Protection Class
– Li-ion polymer, 3.8 V, 1.600 mAh


The RFID Datacollector I-COLLECT 2.0 HF + 2D Barcode combines the ability of RFID and Barcode reading with an robust IP54 housing. The internal HF reader provides an reading range of up to 4 centimeters. In addition to the RFID reader, the I-COLLECT 2.0 is equipped with an 2D Barcode scanning option for a complete range of applications within retail, logistics or stock management. Flexible communication options via BLUETOOTH & USB and the lightweight of only 98 g offers a handy and real time communication way for many scanning solutions with a host device. As host systems, the I-COLLECT 2.0 supports Windows, Android or LINUX operating systems.

  HF:   13.56 MHz
  Protocol:   ISO 14443 A, ISO 15693
  Baudrate:   115.200 bit/s
  Reading Range:   Up to 4 cm


The RFID Datacollector I-COLLECT 2.0 HF ist equipped with a 2D Barcode Scanner.

The internal 1,600 mAh li-ion polymer battery allows a scanning time of up to 14,000 in total. It can be recharged via USB 2.0 interface.

The I-COLLECT 2.0 is easy to transport due to its ergonomic, handy design and a weight of 98 g. The collected data can be sent to a host system in real time. The I-COLLECT 2.0 is compatible with all Android, Windows and LINUX systems.

The device can store and read up to 100,000 data records (tags and barcodes). The RFID data collector I-COLLECT 2.0 HF + 2D barcode can operate in two modes, which are adjustable in the software. In keyboard emulation mode (HID) it can be connected to a keyboard via Bluetooth. The data is transferred directly to the PC. The data logger can also be used as a data memory. The data is scanned and collected and then transferred to the terminal device via Bluetooth.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg

Technical Data

 HF: 13.56 MHz
 USB 2.0 Interface
 Bluetooth Interface with Real-Time Data Transfer
 IP54 Protection Class
icon_batterie  1.600 mAh Battery (Scanning Times: up to 14,000)
Blank  LED & Buzzer
Blank  Up to 1,000 Scans per hour possible

Application Areas

Rental Shops
Lagerwirtschaft Intralogistics
Handel Retail

Packaging Content

  • I-COLLECT 2.0 HF Datacollector
  • Rechargeable Li-Polymer 1.600 mAh Battery
  • Charging Cable (USB 2.0)
  • Power Supply


Accessories can be ordered on request.

  • Hand Strap


  I-COLLECT 2.0 HF Datasheet
  I-COLLECT 2.0 HF Product Presentation 



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