RFID Datacollector
HF + 2D Barcode


– 2D Barcode Reader
– USB 2.0 Interface
– Bluetooth with Real-Time Data Transfer
– Reading Range: up to 4 cm
– IP54 Protection Class
– Li-ion polymer, 3.8 V, 1.600 mAh


The RFID Datacollector I-COLLECT 2.0 HF + 2D Barcode combines the ability of RFID and Barcode reading with an robust IP54 housing. The internal HF reader provides an reading range of up to 4 centimeters. In addition to the RFID reader, the I-COLLECT 2.0 is equipped with an 2D Barcode scanning option for a complete range of applications within retail, logistics or stock management. Flexible communication options via BLUETOOTH & USB and the lightweight of only 98 g offers a handy and real time communication way for many scanning solutions with a host device. As host systems, the I-COLLECT 2.0 supports Windows, Android or LINUX operating systems.

  HF:   13.56 MHz
  Protocol:   ISO 14443 A, ISO 15693
  Baudrate:   115.200 bit/s
  Reading Range:   Up to 4 cm


The RFID Datacollector I-COLLECT 2.0 HF ist equipped with a 2D Barcode Scanner.

The internal 1,600 mAh li-ion polymer battery allows a scanning time of up to 14,000 in total. It can be recharged via USB 2.0 interface.

The I-COLLECT 2.0 is easy to transport due to its ergonomic, handy design and a weight of 98 g. The collected data can be sent to a host system in real time. The I-COLLECT 2.0 is compatible with all Android, Windows and LINUX systems.

The device can store and read up to 100,000 data records (tags and barcodes). The RFID data collector I-COLLECT 2.0 HF + 2D barcode can operate in two modes, which are adjustable in the software. In keyboard emulation mode (HID) it can be connected to a keyboard via Bluetooth. The data is transferred directly to the PC. The data logger can also be used as a data memory. The data is scanned and collected and then transferred to the terminal device via Bluetooth.

The Datacollector I-COLLECT 2.0 is ideally suited for recording stock levels within textile shops. Due to its compact and lightweight design, it can be easily transported by using the available hand
strap. The Datacollector can collect 1,000 garments per hour. Its storage capacity is sufficient for more than 100,000 tags and barcodes.

The I-COLLECT 2.0 data collector can be used to record books within the lending area. Missing or not-returned books can be assigned and tracked using the unique ID.
This facilitates the organization of the library. Traceability prevents book loss.

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