– RFID UHF: 840 – 960 MHz
– RJ45 (Ethernet) Power Supply
– IP67 Protection Class
– 2-Channel Antenna-Port
– RS232 Interface


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The BLUEBOX CX LR 2CH is an industrial read and write device for the latest industry 4.0 and IoT applications in automation and logistics processes. Its RFID UHF controller operates in global frequency areas from 840 – 960 MHz. The reader is equipped with two external antenna ports for TNC-female antennas. We offer a wide range of compatible RFID antennas within our product portfolio.

Thanks to its IP67 protection class, the BLUEBOX CX LR 2CH RFID reader is resistant to rough and demanding environments in the industrial sector.

Data capturing and collection made easy with the various integrated industrial interface options. The RS232 interface option is especially developed for the direct control of machines.

The integration to all common machines or devices is possible with the BLUEBOX CX LR 2CH RFID industrial reader. The RJ45 (Ethernet) is suitable for latest industry 4.0 standards.

Through these communication channels, it is also possible to configure the functional parameters and to upgrade the firmware. We offer a software development kit especially for our BLUEBOX series. The ‘BLUEBOX Show’ software of the SDK is foreseen to explicate these operations. Additionally we show the functions of the demo software in our demo software introduction on YouTube.


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