Retailers are constantly faced with the challenge of having the right goods, at the right time, in the right quantity and in the right place. The best solution can be achieved with RFID technology.

RFID offers benefits from manufacturing to selling the product. The immediate benefits of using RFID tags for retail include inventory accuracy, reduced inventory time, reduced man-hours for replenishment, improved customer service as more man-hours remain to deal with the customer, increased stock type positions, shelf-level accuracy of inventory, and efficiency in replenishing store inventory.

RFID allows retailers to complement existing systems while collecting more information about the entire application. Systems with the ability to keep information associated with a single moving product up to date provide complete visibility.

RFID can also act as a security guard at the entrance. RFID can handle the automatic inventory of the goods being transported from the port, to the truck and finally to the store, and continuously synchronize them with the inventory.

The flow of goods becomes more transparent, stock shortages in the warehouse are avoided, surpluses are reduced and discrepancies in accounting are massively reduced.

RFID is also suitable for checking the authenticity of high-value goods.

The iDTRONIC Group offers a wide range of RFID products for retail applications.

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