Unlike the traditional electromechanical cards, radio systems or manual bar code readers used in libraries for decades, RFID-based systems provide greater security and efficiency for tracking materials within the library, including simpler and faster check-ins and checkouts, inventory management and material handling. Videos and DVDs can also be tagged and identified. RFID technology offers an almost 100% recognition rate. There is no false alarm once an RFID system is properly configured.


The main advantages of using RFID technology in libraries are:

  • Fastest possible inventory capture including identifying books that are not filed in the correct order. RFID technology provides the ability to scan books on shelves without touching them through a real handheld inventory reader. 
  • Fast check-in/check-out with fast reading speed and automatic book removal from multiple books simultaneously. 
  • Theft detection through extensive reading capability of RFID devices with extra wide exits. The corridors at the building exits can be up to 1 meter wide. 
  • The RFID labels are characterized by a long service life and high reliability.

iDTRONIC offers a wide range of products designed for RFID-based library systems.

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