Today, the textile identification and process optimization of a laundry can be significantly improved with RFID technology. With the tiny RFID labels on clothes, uniforms, bed linen or mats, laundry can be clearly assigned to an owner.

Textiles can be easily identified using RFID technology, with decisive advantages for industrial laundries. The advantages are faster garment identification, automatic sorting, error-free processing, reduced physical labour and permanent usability. RFID systems in industrial laundries quickly pay for themselves.

The garments are equipped once with an RFID label. There are a number of ISO-standardised tags that operate at high frequency of 13.56 MHz and are specially designed to withstand the stresses in the washing machine. The tags have a unique ID number that can be read and processed.

RFID tagged garments can be read while stored in sacks or on hangers.

iDTRONIC offers fast and accurate RFID products for textile identification.


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