An access control system allows the automatic monitoring of certain access areas of a site, building or technical facility. An access control point can be a door, a turnstile, the car park entrance, an elevator or any other physical barrier. There, access is controlled with the help of RFID technology.

With the RFID technology used, data security is very high. The possibility of copying access authorisations is massively reduced. Encrypted or proprietary communication protocols can also be used to further increase data protection.

An RFID access control reader usually does not make an access decision, but sends a card number to an access control panel, which checks the number against an access control list. In most cases, only the entrance is checked. If the exit is also to be checked, a second reader is used on the opposite side of the door.

The typical RFID tag is a contactless chip card, key fob, wristband or smartphone sticker. An RFID-based access control system is typically used for corporate surveillance, parking, access to gyms or swimming pools, events, libraries or as a door key for hotel rooms.

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